Please review the NMOM Protocols  for your specific volunteer area prior to your shift.


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Edits to Online Registration:

Your email address is the ONLY way we will be communicating with you.  If you need to change your shift(s), please return to the registration page  If you need to CANCEL, please email


What to Wear and Bring:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes.

  • We will give you a t-shirt and nametag when you check-in.  Please be prepared to put that t-shirt and nametag on (there are restrooms there or you can put it over another shirt you wear in).

  • We will NOT have a place for your belongings.  Do not bring coats, purses, wallets, cell phones, etc. unless you can keep them on you at all times.  You will not need any money or ID at NMOM.

  • We ask that cell phones be on SILENT and that they are not used on the treatment floor.

  • Do not leave personal items in your car.  We will NOT have security available to watch your belongings in your car.  Leave everything you can at home.

  • If you have special dietary needs, please bring a snack for yourself.  We will have donated foods, but they may or may not meet special dietary needs.

  • Volunteers that work more than one day will need to wear the same shirt and nametag each day.

  • Please remember to bring your patience and flexibility.  We expect to host 2,000 patients and their families.  We want EVERYONE to have a great experience.

More Volunteer FAQs can be found HERE.

NOTE: Each volunteer must pick up their own nametag and t-shirt. Group pick up is not available.

**If you are a dental worker, click HERE for a list of equipment and/or materials you may want to bring.  Please Note: NMOM is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Following each event, we do not have access to equipment or supplies until the following year at the next NMOM clinic.