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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Oral health problems can cause serious medical issues.

Did you know poor oral health contributes to numerous physical and social problems in our society? Heart attacks and strokes often result from periodontal disease and oral infections. Delays in intellectual development and low work productivity can be a result of bad teeth. In fact, in 2014, 164 million hours of work were lost due to toothaches and dental related problems.

Our communities are facing limited access to dental healthcare now more than ever. The Mission of Mercy is a national organization committed to improving access to dental care though out our country. The Nebraska Mission of Mercy event will be held in Omaha in June 2020.

The purpose of this mission is to provide a two-day free dental clinic for anyone in need of care. People we see are those who do not have access to dental care and have little or no insurance. This mission helps keep these folks out of emergencies rooms for dental problems. Local shelters and health clinics throughout Nebraska are joining together to support our efforts. Dentists, surgeons, assistants, hygienists, nurses and volunteers donate their time and talent to this important cause. Our goal is to provide 1 Million Dollars in free care and we need your help to make our efforts go further.

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